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International Relocation Services

Unlocking Global Markets
with confidence and ease

Unlock the doors to international markets and achieve your business dreams with Business WIN. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to make international company formations and relocations a breeze. From securing the right premises to creating a motivated workforce and optimizing your development strategy, we've got you covered every step of the way. Trust us to be your strategic partner in global success.

Our Comprehensive Services Span:
  • Premises Negotiation and Finalization: We secure ideal headquarters, warehouses, and facilities for your operations.
  • Corporate Existence Approval and Registration: Navigate the complexities of company registration effortlessly.
  • Obtaining Essential Documents: We handle all necessary paperwork, ensuring compliance with legal requirements (Tax Authorities, Health Services, Fire Departments, etc.).
REAL ESTATE SERVICES (Retail & Franchising Network Development)
  • Area Assessment: Pinpoint promising areas for your business.
  • Traffic Measurement: Analyze foot traffic and accessibility for prime locations.
  • Local Competition Research: Understand your local market competitors.
  • Location Finding: Identify strategic locations.
  • Location Evaluation: Assess the suitability of potential sites.
  • Required Investment Budget: Gain insights into budgetary projections.
  • Leasing Negotiation: Let us negotiate favorable leasing terms on your behalf.
  • Human Resources services. 
  • Job Descriptions: Define clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluation & Selection of Staff and Executives: Find and recruit top talent.
  • Payroll Management: Trust us to handle your payroll processing.
  • Motivation System: Develop motivating employee programs.

  • Staff Training: Equip your team with skills in sales, marketing, and administration.
  • On-the-Job Training: Provide hands-on coaching and mentoring.
  • Network Development: Expand your reach and impact.
  • Continuous Human Resource Support: Benefit from ongoing HR assistance.
  • Realization of Development Goals: Achieve milestones such as new partnerships and store openings.
  • Organizational Structure – Organization Chart: Create an efficient hierarchy.
  • Operation Handbook: Develop a comprehensive operational guide.
  • Configuration of Sales Goals: Set and align sales objectives.
  • Reporting System Configuration: Implement streamlined reporting systems.
  • Support, Monitoring & Control System Configuration: Ensure effective support, monitoring, and control.
Running Management for 6 months: Rely on our continuous support during the critical initial phase of your project.
At Business WIN, we don’t just offer services; we provide pathways to success in new markets. With us as your trusted partner, you’ll not only navigate international complexities but also thrive and prosper in the global business landscape.