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We are currently launching a real estate consultancy arm that will operate as  an one stop shop for foreign investors interested in property in Greece offering the following services:

a) Presenting a selection of  prime location / value properties for personal or business use mainly in tourism and leisure that is our specialization.

Our network of real estate agencies as well as our business network are constantly making such properties available to us. We would like to note that, especially in relation to properties emerging through our business network, due to the transition stage of the Greek economy now exiting a long recession, these buildings are most of the time not marketed in public, but available only through our real estate arm.

b) Management and control of the whole selling process to ensure that only clear titles, full presentation and clear support documents properties are offered to our clients. A smooth transaction to which our office will have end to end control and accountability towards our clients.

c) Development planning and construction or refurbishment / upgrade implementation services through our specialist design and construction partners, experts in tourism development and construction properties.

d) Construction tender process specs and submission evaluations

e) Project management services

f) Hotel management & marketing services through our specialist hotel management partners

All above services are underpinned by our ability to offer prime solutions related to investment vehicles and tax planning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]